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  • Instant message people within your community(e.g. Teachers, parents and students are able to communicate more efficiently. Managers can communicate with their staff. Send out a company or school wide announcement)
  • Receive News Feeds from your Facebook account.
  • Post on your Facebook wall.

WHATS ON (What’s happening around you)

  • Bring all your calendars together. Connect School, business, social, religious group or any other type of calendar.
  • Link Facebook events.
  • TIP: swipe (left to right in App or click in the web version) an event from one of these calendars in WHATS ON to move it to your schedule.

POJECTS/ASSIGNMENTS (Project Management)

  • Completely plan Projects, Assignments and Goals
  • Break them down to bite size pieces placing each task into your task list.
  • Once you have planned when you will complete each task you can rest easy.
  • As each task surfaces in your task list and you complete it, you can be confident that the overall project or assignment will be completed on time.
  • Critical Red Bar – set your project/assignment to show a red bar when completion time is imminent. Set to 3 days, 1 week or 2 weeks.

SCHEDULE (What I’m doing)

  • Enter new appointments
  • If there is an event from one of your linked calendars in WHATS ON that you want to attend you can easily move that event into your SCHEDULE.
  • All your appointments made in another calendar such as Google or Outlook? Link this calendar to your SCHEDULE. You can link more than one if required.
  • Schedule events to repeat.
  • Swipe an event to CHECKIN on Facebook, Edit or Delete.
  • STUDENTS: Enter as many timetables as you like and program what weeks each timetable will be used.
  • Weekly view and monthly view.


  • Just like making notes in your diary.
  • Type or Scribble
  • File your notes into folders
  • Forward plan when you will refer to a note
  • Preview your notes
  • Swipe a note to Edit or Delete


  • Enter New Tasks
  • View TASKS (bite size pieces) from PROJECTS/ASSIGNMENTS
  • View TASKS from NOTES
  • Prioritise (ABC)
  • Change the Status (New, In Progress, Completed)



  • Manage your username & password
  • Manage your subscription
  • Request to set up a community
THEMES (customise your App)
  • Change colour combinations to suit your organisation
  • Change the background – choose from included images or add a background photo of your own
  • Colour coding. There are 5 colours used throughout the diary so that you can categorise events, tasks, notes, assignments & calendars
  • Manage the connection of multiple calendars
  • Link to WHATS ON and/or SCHEDULE
TIMETABLE (Student App only)
  • Create multiple timetables
  • Enter name, start and end dates for each term
  • Link timetables to specific weeks in each term
  • Add content you can then view through myCloud in the App.
  • Edit or delete existing content.
  • Manage the communities you belong to
  • Accept and delete communities


  • View content you have added through your online account
  • View documents, pictures & video content
  • Some examples could be study notes, assignments, cheat sheets, Client Notes.


  • View content added by communities you belong to
  • View documents, pictures & video content
  • Some examples could be study material for a particular class or year level, School History, School or Company Policies, Photos from a social event.

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