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Home Features What is Diary Central?

As the tag line says Diary Central is where it all comes together. A central point for all your online diaries, to keep you organised, including Facebook integration.

Got a lot on your plate – then Diary Central is what you’ve been looking for. Stay on top of all your tasks and an overloaded appointment schedule. Keep track of multiple calendars and if there is an event you want to attend you can easily transfer it to your schedule. If someone else is scheduling your appointments for you, then link the calendar they are using directly to your schedule.

Keep all your important information together by typing or scribbling down notes or longer documents and filing them into folders. Find them easily when you need them. Forward plan a note to your task list and it will remind you about the note when the time is right and take you right to it. Other documents, pictures and videos can be imported or created in the content builder.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT -Plan and manage multiple projects. Diary Central will help you develop the skills necessary for effective project management which can equally be applied to school assignments and goal setting.

  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    Use Diary Central to break your project up into bite size pieces or tasks in your tasks list.
    Complete the tasks – complete the project.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. This is the process of how to go about breaking your project up into bite sized pieces. Picture your ideal result and work backwards. Start with the last thing you will need to do and when you will need to do it and work backwards finishing with the first thing you will need to do and when.

COMMUNICATION –Effective communication is key in any relationship. Diary Central allows you to set up a community online that facilitates good lines of communication.A community is a group of people or organisation all connected though the Diary Central App. Some examples of a community are;

  • Schools
  • Business
  • Clubs & other social organisations
  • Religious groups
  • Any group of people working together
Using the FREE instant messaging feature of the app, users within a community can communicate with each other when ever needed. Imagine the benefits of this type of connection between Teachers and Parents, or Managers and Staff out on the road, interstate or internationally.

CUSTOMISED THEMES–Diary central can be set up to look like it was custom made for your school, business or organisation including replacing the diary central logo for your own.

Which version should I use?

Diary Central was built with schools specifically in mind. However we quickly became aware that it would be a valuable tool for other organisations as well.

There is very little difference between the Student and Business versions. Other than the Diary Central logo being different in each, the only other difference is that in the School version PROJECTS is called ASSIGNMENTS. The functionality of both is identical.

Annual Subscription per User $4.95
Individuals 2Gb FREE.
Communities of 50+ users an additional 5Gb for the community.

If you are concerned about security and preserving data you can take control by loading Diary Central onto your own server. We will customise the app to look at your server rather than ours. Contact us for more information.

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